Chimney Flashing


Chimney Flashing Contractor.

This roof project required custom bent aluminum chimney flashing.

Chimney Flashing is a minor finishing detail on your roof that can make a big impact in your roof repair bills if left unchecked.  The joint between your roof and your chimney is one of the most common locations for a roof to leak.  Your chimney is constantly responding to the environment around it, and expands, contracts and these tiny movements can create big problems because they create opportunities for rainwater to get in.

Paragon Exteriors has plenty of experience providing chimney flashing inspections and repairs as part of our routine procedures when we inspect or work on any roof throughout our Waukesha and Milwaukee service areas.  It’s a minor detail that is often done wrong, or just never completed at all with many roofing contractors in the area but this isn’t the case when you call Paragon Exteriors.

Proper chimney flashing is usually one of the last things on a homeowners mind but it’s one of the most vulnerable areas of your roof and should always be watched closely.  If there are any issues with your chimney flashing then you want to catch them sooner than later or you could be facing much more costly home repairs due to unchecked water damage.

Chimney Flashing Services We Provide:

  • chimney flashing inspections
  • chimney flashing replacement
  • chimney flashing repairs

If you have an older home, or your roof is need of repair then don’t wait another day to call us!  The process is painless, we’ll come out and inspect your roof and chimney flashing and let you know if it’s okay or if it would be a wise idea to have it repaired or replaced.  Our Free Estimates are no obligation.