These Are The Reasons You Want To Hire Paragon Exteriors LLC

We're Not Like Every Other Roofing Company In Waukesha

That's Why Other Roofers DON'T WANT You To Meet With Us

The Paragon Exteriors Difference

When Paragon was first started in 2009, it was because Jake was tired of working for other roofing companies that were inefficient, had poor communication and simply did NOT do what they would say they would do! The main goal of Paragon Exteriors is to provide the best roofing experience as possible for our customers.  Now, after 12 years the business is still going strong because of our commitment to each and every one of our clients. Our reviews will show we consistently reach that goal through professionalism, experience, responsiveness and rigorous quality standards to pass all manufacturer inspections. From your first initial phone contact through the follow up years down the road, we aim to exceed expectations.

Don't Worry About The Money - We Offer Financing

The biggest obstacle preventing a home owner from getting a new roof is almost always the expense.  We understand that and it's one of the reasons why Paragon Exteriors LLC offers a variety of roof financing options so you won't have to keep putting off that new roof.  With our financing options re-roofing your home is within most budgets.  From 0% “Same As Cash” financing over 12 months to a low fixed rate APR over a period of up to 60 months, we have several options available.

Don't be afraid of replacing your roof because you don't have the money in a lump sum. We likely have financing options that will work for you!  Call: 262-565-8282 Now For Financing Options.

Licensed, Insured, Certified

We are properly licensed and properly insured to work on the roof of your home or building. Our team is certified by our product manufacturers and we go through various training seminars yearly put on by the manufacturers.

Efficient Replacements

Our crew is large and hard working so that most of our jobs only take a day and we have our own dump trailers. This eliminates noise, dumpsters and trailers from being around multiple days and causing headaches and inconvenience.

 Zero Down Payment

We don't take a down payment for any standard residential roofing job and you should be cautious about ever being asked to pay one! Legitimate companies have established lines of credits with suppliers and they pay their bills!

Workmanship Warranty

We don't offer a fake "lifetime workmanship" warranty here. That sounds like a sales gimmick to us. Whose lifetime does that even mean? What we do is stand behind the work we do for a period of 10 years!

Property Protection

We care about your flowers!  We lay tarps and plywood as necessary to protect your home and were one of the first to ever use the Equipter machine in our area. This eliminates large piles of debris being thrown all over your yard.

Hassle Free Roof Quotes

No, we don't need hours of your day like other guys to explain roofing to you because quite honestly, roofing isn't as difficult as some companies make it seem. We are normally able to explain our entire roofing process within 30 minutes of meeting!

Low Overhead Costs

We operate efficiently which eliminates the need to pay multiple office staff members, multiple sales reps and office building payments. This means a better roof at a better price than comparable companies.

Rave Reviews & Longevity

Did you know 95% of roofing companies won't be in business for 10 years? We've been installing quality roofing systems for over a decade! We are a top rated local company with a track record of customer happiness and satisfaction. 

Our Roofing Price Match Guarantee

Paragon Exteriors LLC offers our clients a meet or beat price match guarantee on their replacement roof.  How do we know we can do this? Simple! Comparable companies all have large showrooms and support staff that YOU pay for. We work more efficiently and don't have these inflated costs! If you've received a quote for your roof we can meet or beat our competitors estimate so long as we're comparing the same roofing products and the installation is completed by properly insured and manufacturer certified installers.  If we can't meet or beat the estimate we'll tell you exactly why we can't so you're comparing apples to apples with the two different roofing estimates. We KNOW we are the best value for your home when comparing comparable companies (other big companies have even told our customers this)

Got A Competitors Roof Estimate In Your Hand?  Give Us A Chance To Meet Or Beat It!

Paragon Protects Your Property Like No Other Roofing Company Can!

Protecting Your Property From Shingle Damage During A Roof Tear Off.

One really important aspect of a roofing project that many of our customers don't think about right away is what is going to happen with all of your old shingles and roofing materials? We'll tell you!  Many roofing contractors will just lay down tarps or put a dumpster down in your driveway and start tearing off your shingles and throwing them down off the roof.

Old roofing shingles are very heavy and when they are being tossed off the roof it often results in damage to a customers property.  Ruined garden beds, broken trees or shrubs and even big divots or dents in an otherwise beautiful lawn or common.

Paragon Exteriors LLC protects your property like no other roofing contractor can by using a special piece of equipment called ”The Equipter”.

The Equipter is our lawn and garden friendly dump vehicle that we can move right to the edge of your roof. The dump box raises up to roof height so we can make sure all the old roofing shingles land in the dumpster and not in your lawn!

We Promise We'll Protect Your Beautiful Landscaping
Nobody In The Business Is As Serious As Us!

Have You Been Asked For A Down Payment For Your Residential Roofing Project?

Here are a few reasons why that should scare you, along with why a down payment shouldn’t be required for almost any residential roofing job.

Many contractors ask for 25% all the way up to 50% for a down payment upon the contract signing for your roofing project. This shouldn’t be necessary! The reason why so many roofing contractors ask is so they can use that money to pay for the material bill on their last job!

Legitimate and established companies have working lines of credit with major suppliers so they won’t require a down payment for any standard residential roofing project.

Did you know that even after you pay your contractors, their material suppliers can still places liens on your property which YOU ARE responsible to pay? This happens when fly-by-night contractors use money from their current job to pay off other debts rather than pay off the debt incurred on your roofing project! This happens ALL THE TIME!

Paragon Exteriors doesn’t require any down payments for residential roofing projects because we use the money earned on your job to pay off the debts incurred on your job. We will even be more than happy to give you the number to our supplier so you can call and ask them about our payment history. If you ask a different company and they say no to that request, be aware that they are most likely a financially unstable roofing company.

Paragon Exteriors Mails Out A Paid Invoice Receipt And Lien Release For Every Project We Complete.

Say "NO" To High Pressure Roofing Sales Tactics

We don't believe in high-pressure sales tactics.  We just want to provide our customers with the best roof we can for the budget they have to work with.  If you need financing, we can help too.  We promise we're not going to waste 2 or 3 hours of your time during the estimate just trying to sell you on our services.

We're going to listen to what you want, we're going to inspect your roof, and we're going to give you honest answers as to what your best course of action is.  We're happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits of different roofing solutions within your price range, we're just not going to take up your whole day doing it.

At Paragon Exteriors we certainly want to earn your business but we want you to choose us because we're friendly, we're knowledgeable, and we've got an excellent reputation.  But most of all we want you to choose us because you feel we've listened to all of your needs and you're making a great decision for your home.

What’s The Deal With Unrealistic Workmanship Warranties?

You’ll see other roofing companies in our area offering “lifetime” workmanship warranties on their roofing work but how can a company who has only been in business for a few years offer a warranty that never ends? Answer – this is a sales tactic used to hopefully earn your business because statistically 95% of roofing businesses fail within their first 10 years.

Here’s the truth regarding workmanship defects that they do not want you to know. Nearly all roofing related workmanship errors will show up within the first 1-2 years which is the standard length of time for workmanship warranties across the country as required by law. These other roofing companies know that once your roof replacement gets past one to two years old, any workmanship related error is most likely related to a material failure or a weather related phenomenon which isn’t covered in any warranty offered by roofing companies. Those roofing companies know they tricked you into believing their workmanship defects would be covered for an indefinite period of time just to make a sale.

Paragon Exteriors offer a true and honest workmanship warranty. We stand behind our workmanship and will fix any defects related to our workmanship, it’s that simple. If we are able to determine that the situation isn’t a problem created by our workmanship, we will work with you to fix the problem at discounted rates and will do the leg work with the manufacturer to make it right.