Gutter Protection

We Furnish & Install Raindrop Gutter Guard because it is simply the best affordable product on the market. 

Gutter Protection Installer in Waukesha and Milwaukee

Cleaning your gutters is time consuming, dirty and most of all, dangerous and if you aren't doing it twice a year, you should be. Fortunately, we are able to make certain that you will never have to worry about clogged gutters again and more importantly, never put yourself in danger by cleaning them out. When it comes to gutter protection systems, there is no better value than the Rain Drop Gutter Guard protection system. Don't trust just anyone to install this gutter protection system, use a Certified Installer such as ourselves.

Raindrop's patented design combines details to provide the performance that you want under all weather conditions. Now lets break it down.

The round surface assures that surface adhesion directs water immediately into the gutter. The tapered bar underside terminates the surface adhesion and increases its siphoning ability, for maximum water capacity. Crossbars create up to five areas of precise water mass vs. volume ratio for an even balance of surface tension and capillary action. This is a vital aid in deterring water from "sheeting" over the gutter. The crossbars also promote increased water siphoning, surface durability, and provides organizational deterring of seedlings, leaf tips, stems, pine needles, and other clog forming debris.

Perfectly sized aperture spacing is a vital in deterring larger clogging debris from getting in the gutter while allowing smaller micro debris like dirt and roof grit to filter through your gutter system instead of clogging up the guard. Anything that can filter thru our guard will not clog your gutters if your gutters are installed properly. Have your contractor check the gutter condition before installing Raindrop.

The grid dimension is calibrated for a perfect amount of surface vs. aperture ratio. This deters the trapping of fine particles like dirt, sand, small seedlings and other micro debris from becoming entrapped, germinating and/or clogging the guard. Our grid allows the gutters to dry out, deterring insect infestation, mold and maintenance.

A self-cleaning quality developed because Raindrop Gutter Guard is installed with a forward pitch. This aids in shedding debris. There are no ridges, speed bumps, slits or valleys needed to slow water down. These elements that other products use to slow down the water also work as debris traps that can lead to unwanted maintenance. Raindrop Gutter Guard does not lay flat in the gutter, further eliminating the need for upkeep.

The profile from above is a smooth, sleek, uniform appearance. From curbside, our low profile and black color creates an aesthetically pleasing shadow line for perceived invisibility. The black color of the guard also plays a performance factor by heating up with the sunlight and melting ice dams into the gutter throughout the cold and snowy season.

Flex-Flange has been incorporated into the design to allow the guard to be installed either up under the first layer of the roof, or down for a drop-in style in cases where the roof is too tight (i.e. metal, flat roof, cedar, or hanging gutters). The flex-flange also has two hinge points enabling the guard to fit both 5" and 6" gutters.

Universal front mount allows the Raindrop Gutter Guard to be fastened to literally any gutter with a front lip. It is a key design detail that the guard lay on top of the front lip of the gutter. This eliminates the opportunity for debris to become caught or trapped at the front edge of the gutter.