Financing Your New Roof in Waukesha Wisconsin

A roofing project is something every homeowner must eventually face. Keeping your roof in top performing shape is an important investment – one that can potentially pay you back over time in increased energy savings, reduced long term costs, and greater home value.

What is the best way to pay for such an important investment? Financing is the answer. Whether your roof needs minor repairs or a complete replacement – whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply enhance it – financing is a legitimate, affordable and smart way to start your roofing project today!

Roof Financing Questions Answered

Why should I consider financing my roofing project? Roofing can be a considerable and often sudden expense. For many homeowners, paying this expense out of pocket simply isn’t an option. Depleting ones savings isn’t necessarily a desirable solution, especially in this uncertain economy. You can take care of your roofing needs now and pay for them over time on a schedule that works for you

Can I hold off my roofing repairs rather than financing now? Your roof is your homes primary protection against the elements. The longer you wait to repair leaks, the greater the chance of serious damage. Leaks can cause blistering and peeling of interior and exterior paint, mold and mildew growth on interior ceilings and walks, and exterior decay on sheathing and siding – not to mention extensive damage in the attic. Your expenses will only increase unless you make your roofing repairs as soon as possible. Financing gives you the freedom to do the repairs now and save on more expenses later.

I want to sell my house. Why should I take on roofing expenses now? It’s a proven fact – new roofs sell houses! Todays’ homebuyers are looking for properties with quality roofs because they don’t want to take on roofing projects themselves. When you upgrade your roof, you attract these buyers and increase your homes resale value. By financing your roofing project, you get the flexibility to make necessary repairs before your home goes on the market. You’ll have greatly increased your chances that your home will sell faster than others in your area and when it does, you can pay off the roofing loan.

Can I finance other home improvement projects? Absolutely! Not only is financing a great way to repair or replace your roof, it can also be used to add other valuable enhancements to your home that can increase its resale value.

Do I have to finance the full amount of my roofing project? No. Any amount over $1,000.00 can be financed.

Payment Options:

Our quality work, integrity and customer service has allowed us to build strong relationships with banks in our area. This allows us to offer you these excellent financing options for your roofing project.

Roof Financing Option #1

One Year Same as Cash. This allows you One Year of no interest and no payments towards the loan taken for your roofing project. Interest is waived if repaid within one year.  Loan Promo Code: 821177

Loans provided through Enerbank USA (1245 E. Brickyard Rd Suite 640, Salt Lake City UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 16.89% fixed APR, effective March 1st,2013, subject to change.

Roof Financing Option #2

6.99% Fixed 60-Month Reduced Interest Loan. This will be 60 equal payments of approximately (every roof is different please call) per month until the loan has been paid in full. Loan Promo Code: 6995YRE33

Loans provided through Enerbank USA (1245 E. Brickyard Rd Suite 640, Salt Lake City UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. 60-month repayment term. The first monthly payment will be due 30 days after the loan closes. 6.99% fixed APR.

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