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Is the roof on your Madison WI home leaking?  Is your roof just old and the shingles are in poor condition and you feel it might be time for a roof replacement?  Has your roof suffered damage from a recent storm?

Replacing the roof on your home isn't a project to be taken lightly.  You want to make sure of a few things first:

  1.  Your home really does need a new roof.
  2.  You're hiring a roofing contractor who will do it right.
  3.  You're going to get a competitive price.
  4.  The roofing company you choose will be around in a few years if there is ever an issue.

If you're looking for one of the best rated roofing companies in Madison WI look no further than Paragon Exteriors LLC.  If you are unsure about the condition of your roof or how to solve your roofing problems the Paragon team is here to help.

We offer a FREE no-pressure roofing consultation for any homeowner in Madison WI who would like a professional opinion on the condition of their roof and if it needs to be replaced or just repaired.

If your home does in fact need a new roof, we'll tell you.  If we think you can permanently solve your problem with a repair then we'll recommend that.

Our roofing consultation process is really simple.  It starts with giving us a call or requesting an estimate through one of our contact forms.  We'll get back to you quickly and schedule a date and time to come to your home and inspect your roof, answer any of your questions, and provide you with an estimate for repair or roof replacement.

Our Roof Replacement Estimate Process Works As Follows

We'll arrive to your home in one of clearly marked Paragon Exteriors trucks.  When we arrive to your home or property we'll introduce ourselves and then do a quick visual assessment of your roof.  If there are obvious problems we'll be able to spot them.  If there are subtle, not-so-obvious problems we'll climb up on your roof for a much closer look so we can make sure everything is in order.

In order to give you an accurate estimate we'll need to measure your roof so we can determine the amount of shingles we need for a replacement.  We’ll also take note of any special considerations for your particular property such as an intricate landscape with delicate flower gardens, hard to access property and other considerations that could pose difficulty for your project.

When we're done the roof inspection and we've determined your roof should be replaced we will then spend a few minutes showing you the roofing products we recommend for your home and your budget.  We’ll answer any questions you have about the process and provide you with a written estimate at a price you’ll find competitive and fair.

Madison WI Roofing Services

We are a full service roofing company and we offer many different roofing services from inspection to repair to total roof replacement.

  • Inspecting damaged roofs for insurance claims
  • Discovering the source of roof leaks and determining appropriate solutions
  • Tear-off and disposal of old roofing shingles
  • 3 tab shingle roof replacement
  • Roof flashing and roof ventilation installations
  • Laminated or dimensional shingle roof replacement
  • Roof replacement for old, historic, and heritage homes
  • Roof replacement for condos or townhomes

0% Roof Financing For Madison WI Homeowners

Finding out you need to replace the roof on your home isn't news that every homeowner is prepared for, especially financially.  We understand this is a major barrier for many of our customers when they need a new roof.

Paragon Exteriors LLC recognizes the unexpected financial burden a roof replacement can cause and because we wanted to make things easier for our customers we've teamed up with a local bank to provide competitive, easy-to-qualify financing for your roof replacement.

If you decide to take advantage of roof financing just let us know and we can usually have an approval back before we've even left your property.

The Most Popular Roof Financing Options
  • 1 year same as cash.  (0% interest waived if paid within 1 year)
  • Fixed 60 Month.  (60 equal payments)

If you need to finance the cost of your roof replacement please give us a call or fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you so we can schedule.  View Our Roof Financing Details.

There Are Different Roof Replacement Options For Your Budget & Decorative Taste

When you're choosing roofing shingles there are a few directions you can go.  Many homeowners just want the most economical shingle choice, they want a good quality roof but they need it be affordable.

We have other clients who want the best possible roof they can buy because they plan on staying in their home a very long time or they have a budget that allows for more luxurious materials.  We can help both types of clients with many different options.

Depending on your budget, the pitch of your roof (how steep it is), and your design taste, we'll help you choose the perfect shingles for your new roof that will fit within your budget and make your home stand out for all of the right reasons.

The shingles listed below are some of the more popular choices we offer that many other Madison homeowners have chosen for their own roof after they are provided with the necessary information to make a great decision.

CertainTeed Landmark Pro Shingles

Owens Corning Duration Shingles

Some Roofing Discounts Are Too Good To Be True

There are any roofing companies providing roof replacement services in Madison, WI.  You may have already seen some of our competitors offering very steep (almost too good to be true) discounts on roofing shingles.  Sadly, this is often the case.

While the roofing company might be offering an attractive low-cost price for the shingles they're usually going to make up that difference in a higher cost of labor or by adding on "extras" that other companies might already include in their price.

Most homeowners aren't very well educated on roofing systems so quite often these offers seem like a great deal.  Usually though, it's just a marketing gimmick and one way or another you're going to be paying full price for the shingles.

We Offer Our Roofing Clients A Price Match Guarantee:  Paragon Exteriors LLC will meet or try to beat ANY of our competitors pricing for the same roofing products we sell.   The only condition is that the quote must be from a local contractor who's roofing crew is factory certified.  
If we can't beat their roof installation price, we'll match it and provide you with a superior customer experience.  If we can't match it, we'll explain the difference between our estimate and theirs so you're comparing apples-to-apples.
If you're located in Madison, WI and doing your research on roofing companies you'll find that nobody beats Paragon on price or quality.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty On Our Roof Replacements

Choosing a roofing company that offers a great warranty is an important part of your decision when choosing a roofing contractor.  You want to be sure you're getting a great product and an installation that meets all of the manufacturers requirements.  You also want to be sure you're choosing a company that proudly stands behind the work they do with a rock-solid warranty.

Paragon Exteriors LLC is proud to offer one of the best roofing warranties for Madison, WI homeowners.

Because we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, a certified Select Shingle Master by CertainTeed, and also a certified GAF Weather Stopper contractor we are able to offer the best warranties.

Our team has invested in themselves and taken factory certified training so we are experts in all of the products we install for our customers.  When we install replacement roofing it's going to meet or exceed the manufacturers recommended installation practices.

The Paragon Exteriors LLC 10 Year Workmanship Warranty:  For 10 years after the date of your roof replacement and as long as you own the home we'll come back and fix anything related to our workmanship, immediately, and without any hassles.  We are that confident in the quality of our installations and we care about our reputation in the community.

Our Roofing Replacement and Installation Warranty

Depending on the specific shingle you choose the warranty might vary slightly.  While some shingles will offer a 15, 20, 25, or even 30 year warranty, there are other shingles offering a 50 year or 10 year workmanship warranty.  We'll explain the different warranties to you for the roofing shingles that are within your budget range.  Some of the warranty highlights for our products are:

  • Lifetime shingle warranty (Read CertainTeed Shingle Warranty)
  • 10 year "SureStart" non pro-rated warranty
  • 50 year non pro-rated warranty is available (for specific roofing systems)
  • We provide our customers with a 10 year workmanship warranty
  • We offer our clients FREE annual roof inspections for the duration you own the home

It's our strict attention to detail during our roof installations that make the biggest difference in how your roof will perform in the next really wicked storm or for the long-term over the next several years.  

Our professionally trained and industry certified roofing tradesman understand the important synergy between your roof and it's underlying components.

When we install a roof that qualifies for the maximum available manufacturers warranty it's because we’ve inspected your roof decking and we’ve used the right water barrier and roofing underlay. 

We would have installed proper ventilation if it was required, we use extra fasteners on your shingles for additional hold-down strength, we use high-quality fasteners for their durability and longevity, and we also install proper flashing around chimneys, windows, skylights, or dormers to keep the water out.

Madison WI Roof Inspections

Don't let a problem fester with your roof!  There are some roofing problems that are very obvious and easy-to-spot.  There are other roofing problems that might take a much closer inspection with a trained eye in order to spot the issue.  Roofing inspections are good idea to have completed at least once every 2 years.  We offer our roof replacement clients a FREE annual inspection every year.

Has your home been hit with hail, intense wind, or heavy rain for an extended period?  Have you noticed wet spots on your walls or ceilings or missing shingles or broken vents or other obvious places where your roof might be leaking?

Paragon Exteriors LLC offers detailed roofing inspections and written reports (when needed) for private homeowners, residential development managers, HOA managers and insurance companies.  Our experienced and professional team will be able to carefully inspect your roofing for damage or areas where water could be entering your structure due to poor installation practices or obvious roof damage.

The biggest problem in chasing down roof leaks is that the location of the leak is not always as obvious as you might think.  Water can take very strange and long pathways once it gets inside your home, it's not always directly above the leak.  The sooner the problem causing your leaky roof is discovered the less damage will be done to the interior of your home.

Don't let a roof leak linger!  If you've discovered your roof might be leaking it's very important to have an expert check it out as soon as possible so you can mitigate any potential damage.  If your roof leak turns into water damage that turns into mold you might find that your insurance company will be less inclined to want to help you with your claim.  Reasonable effort must be made to prevent damage and find the source of the problem.

Our roofing inspectors are looking for roofing deficiencies like:

  • Rotten or wet roof decking (inspected from your attic)
  • Clogged, missing, or poorly installed gutters
  • Roofing shingle granule loss
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Shingles damaged by branches or hail
  • Ice dam problems
  • Adequate roofing ventilation
  • Adequate attic insulation

If we find deficiencies with your roof we'll let you know exactly what they are and what we recommend for the most reliable method of repair.  In some cases this could be a new roof, in other cases a repair might be a more economical choice if the roofing system is in otherwise good condition.

We Treat Your Landscaping With Protection And Care

Watch Paragon Exteriors Cleanly Remove This Old Shingle Roof - With NO Mess!

Many of our clients have very nice landscaping including pretty flower beds or garden beds surrounding their home.  These can be severely damaged if roofing shingles should land on these areas during a roof tear-off.

A common practice for roofing companies is to lay down some tarps over these areas and begin tossing off the old shingles onto a tarp or into a waiting dumpster or dump trailer.  With the shingles from an old roof usually weighing several thousand pounds there is a great potential for extensive damage to your landscape.

Paragon Exteriors cares about our customers properties and we use a special piece of machinery called "The Equipter" for our roofing tear-off projects.  The Equipter is a portable dumping trailer that can safely navigate around your lawn and landscape.

The best part about this machine is that it's a dumping trailer that LIFTS UP to the same level as your roof.  This means our roofing crews can safely position the Equipter next to your home and the area they are working and easily dispose of your old roofing without accidentally throwing shingles onto your gardens, lawn, and landscape.   It's the no-mess way of tearing off an old-roof.

Paragon Exteriors LLC Is The Best Choice For Roof Replacement In Madison WI

When you choose to work with Paragon Exteriors LLC for your roofing project you are partnering with industry professionals who take your commitment to your home seriously.  We'll show up when we say we will, we'll make every effort to protect your property and keep it clean, we'll provide you with the best roofing installation possible, and for a fair price too!

We rely on word-of-mouth advertising and our growing amount of positive online reviews to drive customers to our business.  We take the hassles and stress out hiring a roofing contractor.

If you'd like to receive an estimate for your roofing project please call 262-565-8282 or fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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