Roof Replacement In West Allis WI

Roof Replacement For Residents Of West Allis, WI
We are a top-rated roof replacement contractor

Do you know why you need your roof to be replaced?  Roof replacement isn't a project to be taken lightly.  Your roof is responsible for keeping you and your family and all of the contents in your home protected from the weather.  There are many reasons you might be looking at roof replacement.

  • Have you've discovered your roof is leaking?
  • Has your roof been damaged in a storm?
  • Is your roof missing or has damaged shingles?
  • Is your roof 15-20+ years old and due for replacement?
  • Are you looking to make some exterior home improvements?

Whatever your reason for needing a roof replacement it's probably really important to you that you choose a company that will do a fantastic job for you and you probably don't want to over pay either.

Paragon Exteriors LLC is one of the best rated local roofing companies serving Milwaukee County and the West Allis, area.  With our friendly and quick estimating process, our price match guarantee on the best roofing shingles, and our 10 year workmanship warranty on our installations, we aim to be your first choice when it comes to roofing services in West Allis.

If you need a roof replacement the last thing you want to do is listen to a long, drawn-out sales pitch from a slick salesman who's trained at parting you from your hard-earned money.  Our estimating process is fast, simple, and we don't use aggressive sales tactics that waste your time or put you on the spot and make you uncomfortable.

We are thankful to be called upon by our customers and our aim is to serve.  If you need a new roof, we'll tell you.  If you're roof would be able to survive with a repair, we'll tell you that too.  Our goal isn't to sell you something you don't need but rather to ensure the roof over your head is safe, sound, and reliable for you and your family.

Here's How Our West Allis Roof Replacement Estimates Work

When you call us at (262) 565-8282 or you request an estimate through our contact form we'll schedule a time for a quick visit to your home.  We'll arrive on time in one of our Paragon marked trucks and will have everything we need to inspect your roof.

  1. We start with a friendly introduction and a quick visual assessment of your roof.
  2. We will inspect your roof for any obvious damage or problem areas we'll need to address.
  3. We will accurately measure your roof to determine the amount of shingles required.
  4. We will show you the roofing products we recommend based on a good, best, and better scenario.
  5. We will then provide you with a written estimate with fair and clear pricing to replace your roof

We are happy to answer your questions about the roofing products, timelines, and any particulars about your roof.  If we see any issues we'll be sure to explain them to you so you understand what the problem is and how we'll be able to solve it for you.

We Offer 0% Roof Replacement Financing

Don't be afraid of making that call!  We know how hard it is for a family to come up with the money to replace their roof, it's certainly not like everyone has that money laying around.  If you need a new roof but you're stressed out about how you'll be able to pay for it, don't sweat!  We offer no hassle, low-rate, and easy-to-qualify roof financing programs for roofing services as little as $1000.

With our flexible financing options (OAC) roof replacement is truly affordable for West Allis residents who need a new roof now.  In most cases we can have an approval back the same day you apply, sometimes before we've even left your property!

The Roof Replacement Financing Options We Can Offer
  • 1 year same as cash.  (0% interest waived if paid within 1 year)
  • Fixed 60 Month.  (60 equal payments with a fair interest rate)

If you want to take advantage of the roof financing programs we offer please call us to schedule your estimate and get our current rates and any special financing offers that might be available.  Roof Financing Information.

We Offer West Allis Residents Several Roofing Services

Whatever your reason for wanting to call upon the services of a roofing company we are happy to serve you.

  • Complete roof tear-off and replacement.
  • Roof leak inspections and repairs.
  • Asphalt shingle roof replacement.
  • 3 tab asphalt shingle roof replacement.
  • Laminated or dimensional shingle roof replacement.
  • Roof replacement for old, historic, and heritage homes.
  • Roof replacement for condos, townhomes, HOA's and multi-family structures.

Shingles Come In Many Styles And Colors - We'll Help You Choose Shingles Based On Your Needs And Your Budget.

Every home we work on is as unique as the family that lives inside.  Maybe you're looking for an economical replacement that can last for the next 20 years? Maybe you're looking for a roof that makes a visual statement, improves curb appeal, and will last for 50 years?  We have roofing shingle options that will work for anyone and we'll show you the best choice for your budget.

Whether you just want the most economical choice in a roof or you're looking for your roof to make an architectural statement we have roofing shingle options for every budget and taste.  From good, better, and best options we're sure to have a roofing shingle that will meet your specific project needs.

At Paragon Exteriors LLC our roofing crews are factory trained and we are certified installers for CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning.   We are very knowledgeable about the products we sell and we can answer any and all of your toughest questions related to your roof.

Depending on your budget, roof pitch, and design taste, we'll help you choose the perfect shingles for your new roof that will fit within your budget and make your home stand out for all of the right reasons.  We have many more options than those listed below so if you don't see something you like, just ask!

CertainTeed Landmark Pro Shingles

Owens Corning Duration Shingles

The Paragon Exteriors Price Match Guarantee

Why should you pay more for your roof?  We don't believe you should pay any more than what is fair and right in-line with our local competition.  We compete with many roofing companies throughout Milwaukee County and we offer our clients a rock-solid meet or beat price match guarantee so our customers can feel great about their new roof knowing they didn't over pay and they've received an excellent quality product installed by true professionals.

The Paragon Price Match Guarantee:  Paragon Exteriors LLC will meet or try to beat ANY of our competitors pricing for the same roofing products we sell.   The only condition we require is that the estimate must be from a local contractor who's roofing crew is also factory certified.
If we can't beat their roof replacement price, we'll match it, and provide you with a superior customer experience and great value.  If we can't match it, we'll explain the difference between our estimate and theirs so you're comparing apples-to-apples.
Nobody beats Paragon on price or quality when it comes to replacing a residential roof in West Allis, WI.

Your New Roof Is Only As Good As The Warranty

When you're spending the money on a roof replacement you want to be sure you're investment is protected with a great warranty.  We make sure our clients are making sound choices when it comes to roof replacement and it's why we only recommend high-quality roofing shingles from proven manufacturers who will stand behind their products.

As a certified installation company our roof installations are backed by the manufacturers warranty but we also take our warranty a step further.  We offer our roof replacement clients a 10 year workmanship warranty and installation practices.

Our certifications mean you're partnering with a team of roofing professionals for your roof replacement and we take our commitment to quality very seriously.

The Paragon Exteriors LLC 10 Year Workmanship Warranty:  For 10 years after the date of your roof replacement and as long as you own the home we'll come back and fix anything related to our workmanship, immediately, and without any hassles.  We are that confident in the quality of our installations and we care about our reputation in the community.

Our Roofing Replacement and Installation Warranty

The warranty on the specific shingles you've chosen can vary and we'll clearly explain this to you when we provide you with your estimate.  We want to aid you in making the best choice for your home.  Some of the shingle warranty highlights are:

  • Lifetime shingle warranty (Read CertainTeed Shingle Warranty)
  • 10 year "SureStart" non pro-rated warranty
  • 50 year non pro-rated warranty is available (for specific roofing systems)
  • We provide our customers with a 10 year workmanship warranty
  • We offer our clients FREE annual roof inspections for the duration you own the home

It's the attention to detail we offer during our roof installations that make the biggest difference in how your roof will perform in the next really wicked storm or for the long-term over the next several years.

Roofers who provide the lowest estimates (that a professional roofer can't touch) often count on not being around when/if a problem occurs with your roof and they cut corners to save time.  This leaves the homeowner without any recourse should the roof have a failure.

Our professionally trained and industry certified roofing tradesman understand the important synergy between your roof and it's underlying components.

When we install a roof that qualifies for the maximum available manufacturers warranty it's because we’ve:

  • Inspected your roof decking and we’ve used the right water barrier and underlay. 
  • We would have installed proper ventilation if it was required.
  • We use 4-6 nails per shingle and high quality fasteners for their durability and longevity.
  • We install a proper drip edge to help prevent water from getting up under the shingles on the edge of your roof.
  • We also install proper flashing around chimneys, windows, skylights, and dormers to keep the water out.

Roof Inspections For West Allis Homeowners

Inspecting your roof should be a regular part of your home maintenance and most experts recommend an inspection annually or at least once every two years.  If you've experienced a windstorm or hail storm or a really harsh winter it's also a good idea to have your roof inspected.

If you've discovered that your roof is leaking, damaged or missing shingles you must have your roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible.  Inspecting your roof on your own can often reveal the most obvious damage such as missing shingles but it takes a professional eye to discover many of the little roofing problems or potential roofing problems that could cause you issues further down the road.

Our roofing inspectors are looking for items such as:

  • Pre-mature shingle failure and granule loss
  • Clogged or poorly installed gutters
  • Missing drip edges at the edge of your roof
  • Missing, damaged, or poorly installed roof flashing
  • Hail, wind or storm damage to shingles
  • Proper roofing ventilation
  • Adequate attic insulation
  • Rotten or soft roof decking
  • Proper gaps around vents, skylights, and dormers

Paragon Exteriors LLC offers detailed roofing inspections and written reports for private homeowners, residential development managers, HOA managers and insurance companies.  Our experienced and professional team will be able to carefully inspect your roofing for damage or areas where water could be entering your structure.

We Protect Your Landscaping When We Replace Your Roof 

Watch How Paragon Exteriors Cleanly Removes This Shingle Roof - With NO Mess!

For most of our clients they never associate roofing with property damage but it's a common occurrence in the roofing industry.  Shingles are heavy and when you are getting your roof replaced the old shingles must be removed from your home and disposed of.  Many roofing companies simply lay out a tarp on your lawn or landscape and begin tossing the old shingles down.

An old roof on an average sized home can weigh several thousand pounds and those shingles being thrown onto your lawn and landscape can cause serious damage to your plants, flowers, trees, and lawn.  What will your roofing company do to mitigate or prevent this type of damage from occurring?

Paragon Exteriors uses a special machine called "The Equipter" for our roofing tear-off and disposal projects.  The Equipter is a portable dumping trailer with it's own motor that can safely and nimbly navigate your lawn and landscape without needing to be towed by a truck.

That's not all this machine does!  Unlike a standard dumping trailer our Equipter dumping trailer actually LIFTS UP to the same level as your roof.  This means our roofing crews can safely position the Equipter next to your home and dispose of your old roofing shingles without leaving any mess or damaging your landscape.

We've had many customers tell us that our use of the Equipter is the reason they decided to choose us for their roofing project because they had a beautiful landscape and didn't want to have it damaged.

Why Choose Paragon Exteriors LLC For Your Roof Replacement In West Allis, WI?

Paragon Exteriors LLC has been providing roof replacement services in West Allis and the surrounding area since 2010.  When you hire Paragon for your roofing project you are partnering with a team of professionals who take your commitment to your home seriously.

We'll show up when we say we will, we'll make every effort to protect your property and keep it clean, we'll provide you with the best roofing installation possible, and for a fair price too!

We rely on word-of-mouth advertising and our growing amount of positive online reviews to drive customers to our business.  We take the hassles and stress out hiring a roofing contractor.

If you'd like to receive an estimate for your roofing project please call 262-565-8282 or fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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