Roofing Company Serving Menomonee Falls WI

Roofing Company Serving Menomonee Falls Wisconsin

Menomonee Falls Wisconsin’s Best Rated Roofing Company
We specialize in installing and replacing roofing in Menomonee Falls.

Menomonee Falls is the largest village located within Waukesha County with a population hovering around 35,000.  There are many older homes in Menomonee Falls area with subdivisios being built throughout the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and into the present day.  With an abundance of older homes there are many homeowners in the area who are looking for reliable roofing services to upgrade their older homes.

Does your Menomonee Falls home need to have the roof looked at or possibly replaced?  Paragon Exteriors LLC is one of the best rated roofing companies providing roofing services inthe Menomonee Falls area.

We offer no hassle roofing quotes without high pressure sales people.  When you request a roofing estimate through our website or call us to schedule your estimate we’re going to come to your property in one of our clearly marked Paragon Exteriors trucks and spend no longer than 30 Minutes of your time.

We get right down to brass tacks quickly so you can get a price for your roof and your questions answered without having to get your guard up protecting your wallet from a company trying to sell you something you don’t need. When we arrive to your home we will accurately measure your roof, we’ll have a look at your property and take note of any special considerations for your particular property such as access or landscapes or gardens we might have to work around, we’ll show you the products we recommend, we’ll answer any questions about the roofing products we recommend or about the installation process and then we’ll provide you with a written estimate.

Roofing Projects In Menomonee Falls Wisconsin

Roofers Serving Menomonee Falls WI

  • Roof inspections
  • Detecting roof leaks
  • Roof replacement on heritage homes
  • Missing shingle repairs
  • Roof flashing repairs and installations
  • Asphalt shingle roof replacement
  • Laminated shingle roof installations
  • New construction roofing
  • Architectural shingle installations and replacement

Are You Looking For A Roofing Company That Offers Financing?

Roof shopping isn’t something many homeowners look forward to.  Many homeowners faced with having to put a new roof on their home just don’t have that kind of cash laying around ready-to-spend.  The ability to finance your new roof can save the day.  If you need a new roof on your home right away but don’t have the budget then Paragon Exteriors can offer you competitive and easy-to-qualify roof financing programs.  We can often have a decision on your roof financing on the same day you apply!
Paragon Exteriors LLC Roof Financing Programs
  • 1 year same as cash.  (0% interest waived if paid within 1 year)
  • Fixed 60 Month.  (60 equal payments)

If financing your new roof is something you’d like to discuss please call us and schedule your roofing estimate.

Does The Roofing Discount You’ve Been Offered Sound Too Good To Be True?

It’s because it probably is!  If you’ve received a quote for a new or replacement roof and were offered a steep discount on the roofing materials it might be too good to be true.  The average homeowner might replace a roof once or twice in their lifetime.  Knowing how to spot a deal that might be too good too be true can save you a lot of money and headaches.   If you’ve been offered a steep discount on the roofing materials it’s a good idea to get another quote on your roof.  If you spend some time shopping around you may just find the roofing company has inflated the original price of the shingles from the get-go just to make it seem like you’re receiving a hefty discount, when in fact you might be paying full-price for the shingles!

There are many different pricing games that roofing contractors can play and this is just one of them.  Don’t ever be afraid to get more than one estimate for your roof, it could save you thousands of dollars.  If you’ve gotten three estimates and one is radically lower (or way higher) than the others you have to question why!

Paragon Exteriors LLC Price Match Guarantee:   We will meet or beat ANY competitors pricing for the same roofing products we sell as long as the roof is beinginstalled by a factory certified roofer.  If we can’t beat their price, we’ll match it and if we can’t match it, we’ll take the time to explain the difference between our estimate and theirs, nobody beats Paragon on price or the quality of our installations.

There Are Many Different Types Of Roofing Materials

The sheer amount of roofing materials on the market can overwhelm a homeowner with choices.  As a consumer it can be tough to know if the roofing shingles you’re being sold are really as good as the contractor promises.  At Paragon Exteriors LLC we know roofing materials inside and out.  Our roofers take manufacturer training programs so we can be recognized as certified installers.  We are certified installers for CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning.  These widely recognized brands are some of the oldest and most trusted shingle manufacturers in America.  Depending on your budget, roof pitch and design taste, we can provide you with good, better, and best options for your roof so you can make an educated and informed decision on your new roof.

CertainTeed Landmark Pro

Owens Corning Duration Shingles

The Paragon Exteriors LLC Rock Solid Roofing Warranty

As factory certified installers Paragon Exteriors LLC can warranty our roofing systems for as long as 50 years! (depending on your shingle choice) but in addition to the manufacturers warranty we also offer a rock solid roofing warranty on our workmanship.  You can have the peace-of-mind knowing that as long as you own the home we’ve installed a roof on we’ll come back and repair any deficiencies related to our workmanship or the quality of our installation. If an issue ever arises with your roof you just need to let us know immediately and we’ll be able to send one of our crews to repair the problem for you quickly.  We are that confident in the quality of our installations that we don’t think we’ll ever have to come back aside from the FREE annual inspection we offer each and every customer.

When you hire a roofing company to install a new roof on your home you want to make sure they are large enough to service the warranty but still small enough to care if you have a problem.  There are literally dozens of fly-by-night roofers out there who will make big promises regarding your warranty but when a problem arises they will ignore you or possibly even be out of business by the time you have a problem.

Paragon Exteriors LLC is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in residential roofing systems and nothing else.  We have been serving clients in Menomonee Falls since 2010 and rely on word-of-mouth and happy clients to continue sending us referrals.  We truly care about our local reputation in the community and we work very hard to earn your trust.  We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, a certified Select Shingle Master by CertainTeed, and also a certified GAF Weather Stopper contractor.

This means you’re partnering with the roofing professionals and you’re going to get a quality shingle installed by professionals who pay attention to the details of your new roof install.  By choosing to work with a certified installer your new roof will qualify for full factory warranty and should last for decades!

Our Rock Solid New Roof Installation Warranty

  • We honor the manufacturers warranty on all products we install
  • Lifetime shingle warranty (Read CertainTeed Shingle Warranty)
  • 10 year “SureStart” non pro-rated warranty
  • 50 years non pro-rated warranty on certain premium shingles
  • An unbeatable 10 year workmanship warranty on the quality of our workmanship
  • We offer you a Free annual roof inspection as long as you own the home

It’s the little details that go into your roof replacement that make a difference in how your roof will perform over the long-term or after the first fall and winter season.  Roofing companies that offer rock bottom pricing often can’t spend the time we do on a roofing installation.  That’s the Paragon difference.  We take the time to make sure everything is done right, the first time.

Our small team of manufacturer certified roofing tradesman understand the important relationship between your roof and all of it’s underlying components that make up your “roofing system”.

When we install a roof that qualifies for the maximum available manufacturers warranty it’s because we’ve taken the steps to ensure it’s been done properly.  We have inspected your roof decking and we’ve used the right water barrier and roofing underlay, we’ve installed proper roof ventilation if it was required, we’ll use extra fasteners on your shingles for extra durability for those strong wind and hail storms, and we also would have installed proper flashing around chimneys, windows or dormers to keep the water from entering your home.

The difference between a Paragon Exteriors LLC installed roof and a roofing contractor who doesn’t care could be thousands of dollars in future home repairs or lost home value due to poor roof performance.  We are often called to repair roofing systems that were installed by less qualified companies.  Don’t let that happen to you!

Paragon Exteriors LLC Offers The Highest Quality Roofing Installations In Menomonee Falls.
This is a beautiful home with a nice looking asphalt shingle roof. We were called out to replace the entire ridge cap (along the top edge of the roof) only. Although the roof was only 16 years old and the field shingles are still fine, the original roofer decided to save money on materials by using shingles not designed to be used as ridge cap. This led to problems for the homeowner. We do a handful of these repair projects each year. Make sure to pay attention to the shingles your contractor decides to use as a ridge cap otherwise you’ll end up paying to do this part of the roof twice!

Roofing Inspection For Menomonee Falls Homeowners

Annual or semi-annual roofing inspections are always a good idea.  After a good windstorm or a harsh hail storm your shingles can easily be damaged or in some cases missing!  If you’ve got shingles in your yard or your roof has begun leaking it’s a good time to call in a professional for an inspection.  A thorough roofing inspection at least once per year can save property owners thousands of dollars if any potential roofing problems are caught early.

Paragon Exteriors LLC offers detailed roofing inspections and written reports for private homeowners, residential development managers, HOA managers and insurance companies.  Our experienced and professional team will be able to carefully inspect your entire roofing system for damage or areas where water could be entering your structure or might in the future if the problem isn’t addressed.

One of the biggest problems facing a homeowner with a leaky roof is that the location of the leak is almost never obvious.  When water gets into your home through the roof it can take strange and long pathways inside your home until it surfaces somewhere on the ceiling or in your walls.  Typically with water damage issues from a leaking roof an insurance company won’t honor the claim if there is mold involved.

To most home insurance companies the presence of mold means that the problem isn’t new and due to owner neglect has been allowed to grow into something much worse.  Mold is where most insurance companies draw the line with respect to water damage so if you suspect your home is suffering from water damage due to a leaking roof it needs to be found immediately.

Our roofing inspectors are looking for items such as:

  • Missing or damaged roofing shingles
  • Shingle granule loss
  • Shingle damage from hail
  • Clogged or poorly installed gutters
  • Ice dam problems or potential trouble areas
  • Missing or poorly installed roof flashing
  • Adequate roofing ventilation (helps with ice dams)
  • Adequate attic insulation (helps with ice dams)
  • Damaged or rotten roof decking

Getting Your Menomonee Falls Roof Repaired

If your roof has been inspected and problems were found or you’ve found the issue on your own it’s time to call a professional for repairs.  Paragon Exteriors inspects and repairs damaged roofs.  We have experience working with insurance companies and can make the process as painless as possible for you.  We understand the paperwork process and we can provide detailed, written reports on the condition of your roof and our roofing inspectors are familiar with the process of working with your adjuster to make sure your roof is repaired the right way.

Paragon Exteriors LLC Roof Repair Policy:  Our roof repair prices start at a modest $295.00. This includes one trip to inspect the problem, a trip to the supply store to gather all the necessary material (remember there are hundreds of different roofing materials making it impossible to carry all the material we need with us) and then a trip back to your property and approximately one hour worth of work on the problem. Any potential further costs will be addressed at the time of our initial meeting.

Roof Replacements Without A Big Mess Or Damage To Your Property

Paragon Exteriors LLC Cleanly Removes This Shingle Roof – With NO Mess!

Most of our customers take pride in the appearance of their property and they value their lawn and landscape.  It only makes sense to ask your roofing contractor how handle all of the debris from your old roof tear-off.  If they are just throwing the old shingles down onto tarps stretched out across your property you might want to think twice, especially if you care about your landscaping.  Shingles are heavy!  An old roof on an average sized home can weigh thousands of pounds and those shingles being thrown onto your lawn and landscape can cause serious damage to the lawn, bushes, shrubs, gardens, and trees.

Paragon Exteriors values our customers properties and we go the extra mile to protect it for you.  We use a special piece of machinery called “The Equipter” when we do a roofing tear-off.  The Equipter is a portable dumping trailer that can safely navigate your lawn and landscape without causing any damage.  The best part about this machine is that it’s actually a dumping trailer that LIFTS UP the dump box to the same height as your roof.  We can safely position the Equipter next to your home and dispose of your old roofing without leaving any mess behind or damaging your landscape.

Why Choose Paragon Exteriors LLC For Your Roof Replacement, Installation or Repair in Menomonee Falls?

When you choose to work with Paragon Exteriors for your roofing project you are partnering with industry professionals who take your commitment to your home seriously.  We’ll show up when we say we will, we’ll make every effort to protect your property and keep it clean, we’ll provide you with the best roofing installation possible, and we’ll do it all for a fair price too!

We rely on word-of-mouth advertising and our positive online reviews to drive new customers like you to our business.  We take the hassles and stress out of your roofing replacement or installation and leave behind nothing but a beautifully installed roofing system.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your roofing project please call 262-565-8282 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Paragon Exteriors LLC Completed Roofing Projects in Menomonee Falls WI

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