Importance of Roofing Ventilation

When meeting with different Waukesha and Milwaukee roofing contractors, you can make certain you will hear them talk about ventilation. Paragon Exteriors is certified by the Air Vent Corporation. Paragon Exteriors spends their days learning and making sense out of why proper ventilation of your roof is so important to the health of your home. No one quite understands how it works better than we do.

Proper roofing ventilation is important because it:

  • Creates a cooler attic in the summer
  • Good ventilation creates a drier attic in the winter and helps prevent ice dams.
  • An overheated attic, combined with moisture, can be damaging to roof decking and roofing shingles, causing them to distort and deteriorate prematurely.
  • Good ventilation serves two main functions:
    • Moves hot air next to the roof deck out of the attic in the summer.
    • Dilutes and removes the moist air in the winter before it can cause damage.

There are many different types of roofing ventilation. Each has its’ advantages and drawbacks:

  • Static Vents (Box Vents) – The least expensive but only provides ventilation in the immediate area where they are installed.
  • Gable Vents – The wind must blow directly into one vent in order to get the air flowing across the attic and out the other vent.
  • Turbine Vents – Experience the same problems as the static vents but generate a greater airflow than the static vents.
  • Power Fans – They provide a high airflow. However, they take energy to operate so they create an ongoing expense. Also, fans controlled by a thermostat will usually operate only in the summer. These fans do nothing to remove the moist air that gets in the attic during cold months.

The Most Roofing Ventilation for the Best Price

A ridge vent is positioned along the entire length of the roof peak. In addition to being excellent exhaust vents, ridge vents blend in with the roof line, making a more attractive home. Years of research has proven that ridge vents with external baffles, combined with undereave venting, is the most efficient and effective system you can install.

Paragon Exteriors highly recommends the use of Ridge Vents. The only time we will not use a Ridgevent is when the roof line of the home does not allow us to obtain the proper air flow ratios.

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