Your Roofing Protects Your Home.

Your Roof is Your Home’s Defense

Your Roofing Protects Your Home.
Your Roofing,Siding and Windows Is What’s Standing Between You and This…

One of the best improvements a homeowner can make is the installation or repair of roofing. Exterior work makes the home more pleasant, boosts the property value and extends the life of the structure.

The last point cannot be stressed too much. Roofing is the home’s only defense against rain, snow, dust and all the other things that fall onto a house. Without that barrier, the house would be trashed and flooded. As your Milwaukee roofing contractor can tell you, this barrier must be maintained and repaired, or much more expensive damage can occur.

After many years of use, even the best roofing can leak. Signs that this is happening include dark water stains on the ceiling, bubbling or peeling wallpaper, mold growing on the walls or ceiling, a damp odor and softening of sheetrock. By the time these signs become visible, the damage you can’t see is probably much worse.

To prevent such ugly surprises, many homeowners like to call in a professional for a periodic roof inspection. This can detect leaks before rotting of the substructure begins, allowing timely repairs.

Bad weather sometimes dislodges pieces of roofing, leaving gaps in the home’s defense. These openings may look like a welcome sign to birds and squirrels, who make themselves at home and do more damage. A periodic roof inspection will spot such problems early and deny entry to unwanted guests.

Termites, bees and other insects think can enter through openings in the roofing, and an attic can be full of them. When they come out, they probably have already built up a sizable population in the attic and walls. Many insects like to eat wood, paper, clothing and other organic materials, and when they get in, they can cause a lot of damage to the house and its contents. This is another problem that could be detected early by your Milwaukee roofing contractor.

Leaks in a roof may only let small drips of water enter, but this can pose another type of risk. Slow drips cause molds to grow, contributing to “sick building syndrome.” Spores and chemicals given off by these organisms often cause long-term respiratory and nasal problems for the residents, especially infants and the elderly. Some people complain of chronic cold-like symptoms such as runny nose, sinus headaches and throat irritation. Perhaps they don’t need a doctor. Paragon Exteriors may have the cure they need.

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