How much will my new roof cost?

How much will my roof cost? That is the ultimate question and quite frankly, one of the most important. For me to give specific numbers would not only be unprofessional but also impossible due to the many factors that go into pricing a roof.

Each roof is different. Even two of the exact same homes may have entirely different roofing systems installed. For this reason, in order to give accurate numbers, we always need to inspect the actual roof in need of replacing. What I can tell you is that the same 2000 square foot roof price can vary from as low as $5,500 all the way up to $12,000+. Wow, big difference right? Let me explain why.

When pricing a roof, there are quite a few factors that go into play. Two of the biggest are the pitch of the roof (how steep it is) and the amount of layers. If your roof has a low slope and only one layer, you would be looking at much cheaper price than if it were steeper with two layers. Another factor that comes into play is the accessibility of the home. Are we able to get our dump trailer close to the roof? Is our supplier able to deliver the roofing materials directly to the roof? This will save on labor costs, thus saving you money as well. Does the roof need new plywood installed so we can properly install the shingles? Those are just the job site factors that come into play. The next part is the materials.

Just as there are with car manufacturers, there are numerous roofing manufacturers. Each roofing manufacturer has a different level of quality in the product the put into the market. Using better quality materials will always cost more upfront but are often the cheaper option in the long run. Going back to the 2000 square foot home example, lower end materials may be around $2500-$3000 while high end quality materials are from $4000-$5000. Of course the high end materials come with much better warranties that normally cover in full against any defects for 50 years while lower end materials don’t have any long term warranties and often don’t last past 15-20 years.

In the end, the average cost of OUR roof replacements are less than 55 cents day (53.5 to be exact) for the expected life of the roof replacement. Yes, that is less than $200 a year for 50 years. When you look at a roof replacement in those terms, it’s your cheapest insurance against Mother Nature damaging your most prized possession.

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